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Service Events


"An authentic faith always leaves a deep desire to change the world,
to leave this earth somehow better than we found it."

~Pope Francis


Christian Commitment to Service
Jesus came "not to be served, but to serve." (Mt 20:28) The church is a servant community and all those accepting full membership in the church are also accepting responsibility to serve. Candidates for the reception of Confirmation are asked to select service projects that are geared to their own special talents and abilities. Service should be performed freely and willingly. It could help the parish, neighborhood, or the local community. The service projects are meant to represent the candidate's intention of becoming a full member of this servant community, the church.

Confirmation students need 12 hours of community service during 7 th grade years and 25 hours of community service during 8 th grade years. You should have at least three different service activities, with at least one in support of the Church (e.g., altar server, Carnival volunteer, CCD School teacher aide). One service activity should involve your sponsor or parents, as well.

Please bring a service hour track sheet with you to each event and have it signed by the person in charge.

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