Confirmation Preparation
415 NE 105th Street, MIami Shores, Florida 33138
Tel: 305-758-0539

Letter to the Pastor

This is a one page letter (typed or hand-written, no emails please) addressed to the Pastor by Second Year/8th grade students who will soon receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Please use pen, not pencil.

Briefly explain what you have learned about being an active member of the Catholic Church from the Confirmation Program.

The letter should also include:

  • A brief description of your prayer life,
  • Why are you asking to receive Confirmation,
  • How parish life and service will come to play in your life after Confirmation.

Excerpts of some letters will be published in the bulletin with only the student’s initials to identify him/her.  If you do NOT want any part of your letter published, please write PRIVATE at the top of it.


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